Ayurvedic Therapies

Panchakarma (Ayurvedic Detoxification)

Panchakarma, meaning five actions, is the Ayurvedic detoxification or cleansing. At the Institute we offer traditional Panchakarma involving Abhyanga, Swedana, Vamana, Virechana and Basti. Udvartina and Shirodhara/Takradhara are also part of the therapies offered. With detoxification of the body and rejuvenation of the mind, body and spirit, Panchakarma strengthens the body functions and the immune system. Panchakarma therapies can be offered in a treatment plan of 5 days to 4 weeks. The combination of therapies and treatments is determined based on your symptoms, conditions and severity. 

Panchakarma is considered as the ultimate detoxification. It has three phases: Purvakarma (pre-detoxification process), Pradhan karma: The Five basic Shodhana (cleansing) therapies and the Pashchat karma which usually is the rejuvenation therapy.

Panchakarma is a very special Ayurvedic therapy which requires proper guidance from a highly trained and skilled Ayurvedic practitioner. This is not something that anyone can follow and practice with information from an article, on-line information or a book. Panchakarma is highly personalized, requires close supervision. It should be done individually for each person according to their Dosha and specific disorder in mind, thus requires close observation.

We offer authentic Panchakarma, planned specifically for the individual based on the constitution, condition and the severity. 

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